Solutions for E-commerce

In the face of tens of thousands of merchandise, Emotibot’s e-commerce solution is user-centric and provides a full set of business bot services for pre-sale, sale and after-sale. During the shopping stage, the shopping guide bot can conduct natural dialogue to start a personalized product recommendation, and address inquiries such as product specifications, functions, features, based on its learning of the user’s preferences and character. At the same time, combined with active and passive customer service, it can holistically enhance the user experience throughout marketing stages. In the after-sales customer service stage, Emotibot’s Service bot can also respond to the user's various inquiries 24-hour, and based on the "multimodal emotion recognition" analyze the user's current emotional state, as well as making a reasonable response to avoid the user complaints worsening. At the same time, it can provide a substantial reduction in the operational cost and investment by e-commerce businesses on the customer service and call center.

Need and Pain Points

  • High operational cost in customer service center
  • Diverse products, complex businesses, hard for customer service staff to give customers the correct response within short time
  • Large user base on platform, difficult to conduct personalized shopping guide and marketing
  • Difficult to conduct mature customer service recruiting and training
  • Users have higher requirements for customer service quality and the corresponding time
  • Need more black technology innovation in marketing and service model

Technologies / Modules

Bot Factory AI open platform
Intelligent service bot
Intelligent sales bot
Intent detection and task engine
Multimodal emotion recognition model (face, text, voice)
User profile analysis system
Vertical industry knowledge graph
User satisfaction and public opinion analysis system

Value to Business

  • Covering pre-sale shopping, sales consulting and after-sales customer service to provide a comprehensive AI solution
  • Self-learning of user preferences, personalized shopping guide advisory services
  • Automatically identify high-valued customers, combine active and passive customer service to enhance the marketing experience of the user
  • 24 hours response, the AI Service Bot that never gets tired
  • Brain-simulated customer service dialogue system, effective diversion of customer service pressure to improve efficiency
  • AI fashion experts, providing dress recommendations, virtual try-on mirror, black technology to help e-commerce business marketing

Partnership Cases

Achieve end-to-end experience "shopping assistant” in a dialogue interface stay tuned......