Solutions for Financial Industry

As one of the industries that most embraced cutting-edge technology, the financial industry is accelerating the integration of AI technology to explore innovative service models. What Emotibot’s intelligent financial solutions for the banking, securities, insurance and other industries can bring is not only a significant reduction in customer service cost, but also through the self-learning of user preferences and habits accurately identify the potential needs of high-valued customers, as well as combining active and passive customer service, and a huge financial knowledge map and financial AI technology, in order to provide better financial advice and services. From the front-end user interface to the back-end intelligent financial management and risk control, it can provide users with a better financial services experience while enhancing the user engagement and commercial conversion.

Need and Pain Points

  • Strong customer need for personalized, intelligent financial services
  • The traditional keyword based customer service bot can not learn to master the complexity of the financial industry.
  • A large number of real-time, unexpected events will have a serious impact on investors. It is difficult to have 24-hour response through manpower.
  • Customer service center operating cost are high, professional customer service recruitment difficult
  • Financial business’ complexity goes beyond what the human customer service staff can understand and remember.
  • The market and the user generates a lot of data every day, which is difficult to process timely while producing value
  • The professionalism of human finance consultants is difficult to guarantee, can not provide customers with a stable investment and financial advisory services

Technologies / Modules

Bot Factory AI Open Platform
Intelligent service bot
Customer Satisfaction and Public Opinion Analysis System
Multimodal emotion recognition model (face, text, voice)
Financial knowledge graph (bank, securities, insurance)
User Profile Analysis System
AI Financial Consultant Model
FinBot Professional Financial Bot

Value to Business

  • Exploring the Innovation of Customer Service and Business Model in Financial Industry through AI
  • Based on user profiles, dig into the potential needs of high-valued users, provide personalized financial recommendations according to user preferences and risk affinity
  • Combining financial AI and knowledge graph to provide users with more scientific investment advice and combination
  • Giving AI customer service emotion. Based on the customer's current mood and intent, adjust the customer service strategy, effectively resolve the conflicts, and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Replacing human labor customer service to complete inquiries of balance, transactions and other non-high-value conventional business consulting, reducing the user's wait time
  • Through the AI natural language interface, enhance user experience and user activity on the financial mobile APP

Partnership Cases

One-stop financial management tools, consulting and "investment assistant" Replacing a financial enterprise’ human customer service to provide users with basic consulting services and save 80% of human cost; Integrating accounting, financial, market, regulatory and other aspects of information to build knowledge graph and provide reasoning ability in order to provide users with more than expected information and Q & A services; based on a strong knowledge graph and financial model, conducting reasoning, analysis and forecasting, in order to help the users with more valuable investment decision-making assistance.