Solutions for Smart Devices

Physical bots, smart home, IoT and other intelligent devices are getting more and more into our lives. But the low flexibility to customization, insufficient smartness, and poor human-computer conversational capabilities have become an important bottleneck restricting the development of intelligent devices. Therefore, Emotibot has introduced a solution for smart devices, which will embed an AI brain with emotion into the smart hardware.Emotibot’s solutions for smart devices can not only support a full range of human-computer interactions with language, images and voice, based on a huge knowledgegraph in the cloud, but also conduct open informational dialogue. At the same time, it can support custom development according to the device feature, the usage scenarios, target user. Subsequently, Emotibot’s Artificial Intelligence will become the brain to all intelligent devices, even a warm and intelligent housekeeper.

Need and Pain Points

  • There is basic voice recognition and synthesis technology, but the accuracy rate is low, and it’s hard to form a smooth dialogue
  • The system only supports a mechanical question and answer, cannot carry out multiple rounds of dialogue or complete the complex tasks
  • The degree of customization is low, it is difficult for personalized customization on different intelligent devices and usage scenarios.
  • The chat corpus and professional knowledge database is limited; it is difficult to carry out open question and answer; low degree of intelligence
  • It is difficult to identify the mood of the speaker or give an anthropomorphic answer. As a result, the smart bots look cold and less attractive.

Technologies / Modules

Bot Factory AI Open Platform
Multimodal emotion recognition model (face, text, voice)
Chat corpus (40 million sentences)
Massive knowledge base (music, food and other 26 categories)
User memory module
Multi-round chat dialogue system
Image recognition module
Personalized custom development module

Value to Business

  • Support text, image, and voice human-computer interaction, giving the device a variety of interactive anthropomorphic feel
  • Strong system adaptability, support for smart home, service bots, smart phones and almost all other intelligent terminal devices
  • Rich usage scenarios, support small and medium enterprises, shops, individuals to customize their own bot
  • Strong customization ability, support customization based on the usage scenarios, the target user, and usage habits
  • One Bot, support full-featured services ranging from the consulting, marketing, shopping guide, and trade in the commercial scenarios
  • So that intelligent devices can understand the feelings and emotions of human beings, and become a warm partner and a smart home housekeeper

Partnership Cases

The first Android OS truly equipped with AI Simple immersive interface: the greatest degree of simulation of natural dialogues among people, completing complex tasks with the most natural dialogue interactions. She is able to understand your emotions: give the most appropriate feedback and become user’s best friend through detecting the user’s current mood; She can understand your preferences: record in full detail the all of the user’s information and preferences in order to provide the most intimate services and recommendations through its unique memory module; She can provide service and content: over 30 native features including taxi, music, food, and weather; over 130 intent identification, support access by 3rd party function and service.
The world's first VR virtual assistant with emotional interaction capability Emotibot x Qiqiyi disrupting the "cold" and mechanical Q&A bots, based on Emotibot’s NLU technology and multimodal emotional computing model to accurately identify the user's intents and affective / emotional state, customize anthropomorphic, two-way reciprocal, emotional Multimodal interaction model, so that the virtual girlfriend within VR has “temperature”.

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