Emotibot Privacy Policy

【 Notice 】

Emotibot Technologies Limited (hereinafter as “Emotibot”) is dedicated to creating the first artificial intelligence for customers and constantly optimizing user’s experience, therefore, Emotibot provide this Privacy Policy to users so that users may have a clear view on how Emotibot may collect and make use of user’s information when users have access to Emotibot’s websites and service and products served by Emotibot (hereinafter as “Service and Products”). Emotibot fully respect every choice that users may make pursuant to this Privacy Policy. Please Notice: visiting Emotibot’s websites or using Service and Product means users have read, learnt and agreed to accept this Privacy Policy. This Policy is valid during the whole process of usage of the websites and Service and Product. If users don’t agree with any of the terms herein, users shall stop using Emotibot’s Service and Product immediately.

1【 Possible Information 】

1.1 When User is browsing Emotibot Website, the following user’s information may be collected by Emotibot for effective management of website and activity and improvement of Emotibot’s service: 1.1.1 Use cookie technique to store and analyze user’s browsed information and activity in order to provide personalized service. 1.2 During user’s registration and using of Service and Products, the following user’s information may be collected by Emotibot to manage user’s account, meet user’s needs, improve the quality of Service and Products as well as the Emotibot’s technical skills: 1.2.1 User’s personal information: including but not limited to real name, gender, age, birth, job, education, income, marriage and family, nationality, address, location, code, e-mail, MP, device number, ID number, account information and payment. 1.2.2 User’s company information: including but not limited to name, certificate, people in charge and his/her contacts, business scope, end-users. 1.2.3 Any kinds of information that user voluntarily providing during User’s enjoying Service and Products, the form of which including but not limited to text, symbol, number, picture, audio and video. 1.2.4 Any other information of any third party and / or end user that Emotibot may collect due to developer’s use of Emotibot’s open platform. 1.2.5 Any information that Emotibot may collect or may have the right to collect directly or indirectly due to user’s login to the Emotibot’s websites, use of Service and Products. 1.3 User hereby acknowledges that all the information provided herein compromise all the information that Emotibot may collect during user’s use of Emotibot’s websites and Service and Products (hereinafter “Information”).

2【 Emotibot’s Reasonable Use 】

2.1 Under the premise of User’s consent, Emotibot is entitled to make reasonable use of all Information that User and / or any third party may provide during the use of Emotibot’s open platform. 2.2 Emotibot is entitled to use Information for the purpose of Emotibot’s development, the method of which includes but not limited to: 2.2.1 Store Information in Emotibot’s database which may be constantly updated and expanded; 2.2.2 Process Information with Emotibot’s current and continuously developed new skills in any method like storage, classification, induction, combination, calculation, analysis and summary; 2.2.3 Use Information with Emotibot’s current and continuously developed new skills to improve the quality of Service and Products, develop Emotibot’s artificial intelligence skills and related products, and learn in depth, testing, operation and maintenance. 2.3 Emotibot is responsible for the legitimacy and compliance of its own operation. Emotibot is entitled to take proper measures like query, identify and delete any disputed information that the use of which may violate any third party’s legitimate rights or public interest during Emotibot’s independent investigation or according to the requirement by government department, judicial department, supervisory authority or the right owner based on Emotibot’s current company policies and regulations which may be revised from time to time as well as the national laws and regulations. 2.4 During the cooperation between Emotibot and any third party or the use of Emotibot’s open platform by any third party, Emotibot shall have the complete and independent intellectual property rights over certain works such as study report which may be generated by Emotibot using any Information provided by any third party and/or its end users.

3【 User’s Rights 】

3.1 Under the premise that all the national laws, regulations and related policies be respected and complied with, User has the following options and rights: 3.1.1 Choose whether to login, register or use Emotibot’s websites or Service and Products; 3.1.2 Correct, update and delete the registered account from time to time, suspend or terminate the use of Emotibot’s websites or Service and Products; 3.1.3 Choose whether to accept the use of cookie technique; 3.1.4 Choose whether to accept any disclosed agreement or policy of various kind released and revised by Emotibot from time to time; 3.1.5 Choose whether to provide the personal information which be unrelated to the login, registration and/or use; 3.1.6 Choose whether to accept various service like information push released by Emotibot in future. 3.2 User hereby acknowledges that: any Information that provided by User or any third party who use Emotibot’s open platform by user’s instruction shall be legitimate with formal authorization or of clear source and be in accordance with Emotibot’s requirements and agreements as well as the national laws, regulations and policies. Emotibot shall not be responsible for any illegitimate Information provided by any User or any third party aforesaid.

4【 Information Security 】

4.1 Emotibot protects any Information collected and stored by Emotibot according to a reasonable industry common standard. Emotibot’s Information security method includes but not limited to: 4.1.1 Firewall, data backup, special treatment for sensitive information which may directly identify User or be related to User’s communication, identification of terminal, and other current method; 4.1.2 Restrictions of access to data center, Non-disclosure agreement for employees and any other internal management of Emotibot. 4.2 Emotibot will take necessary technical method to guarantee that User may visit, update, revise and delete User’s account information and other information, However, Emotibot may require User’s ID verification whenever User take any of the aforesaid operation to protect the security of User’s account. 4.3 User shall promptly keep and disclose User’s account information and any sensitive information which may directly identify User or be related to User’s communication, and shall avoid improper disclosure to any unrelated third party. In case User’s account information be disclosed improperly, User shall promptly notify Emotibot by connection to the contact information published in Emotibot’s official websites so that Emotibot may take appropriate protection method as assistance. 4.4 User acknowledge and understand that even Emotibot take all due diligence and all general method, under the circumstance that there always be restriction on current technoledge and various malicious method on the internet, Emotibot shall not be able to fully guarantee the safety of Information. User acknowledges that whenever User have access to service system and communication network, information security issues may occurs because of the factors that out of Emotibot’s control, and the risk of which shall be borne by User.

5【 Scope and Exception of Privacy Policy 】

5.1 The Privacy Policy only applies to the User that directly use Emotibot’s websites, Service and Products and thus provide to Emotibot his/her Information. Any information that collected through any third party’s platform shall under the restriction and protection of the third party’s platform policy. 5.2 Unless otherwise agreed by both parties, User’s Information will not be disclosed in a recognizable manner to any third party, but the following Information shall be exception: 5.2.1 Disclosure with User’s prior consent; 5.2.2 Disclose by User; 5.2.3 Collected legitimately from any third party; 5.2.4 Limited disclosure by formal request of legal procedures like government order or judicial request due to User’s violation of national laws, regulations, government policy, Emotibot’s agreements and/or policies; 5.2.5 For the purpose of public interest; 5.2.6 Other disclosure that Emotibot deem as proper in Emotibot’s own discretion according to laws, regulations, policies and agreements. 5.3 Emotibot may cooperate with or hire any third party to provide Emotibot with necessary technical support, maintenance and other service, in which circumstance the third party only have limited access to Information on the basis for fulfill the agreement signed with Emotibot and have signed necessary terms of agreements to protect the Information.

6【 Protection for Juveniles 】

6.1 Emotibot undertakes that Emotibot may use current and possible technical method in future to secure the Information provided by Emotibot in Emotibot’s websites, Service and Products, in order to preclude any illegitimate information and those not in line with public interest and safety. 6.2 Emotibot herby make formal declaration: that juveniles under 18 years age shall get their legal guardian’s prior consent which can be verified when use Emotibot’s websites, Service and Products. Juveniles shall read carefully of this Privacy Policy accompanied by their guardians, and shall ask for guardian’s consent and instructions before providing personal information. The guardian of juvenile shall take primary responsible for Juvenile’s privacy protection in the network environment. 6.3 Guardian is entitled to require Emotibot in written form to assist guardian to take the following operations according to the contact information in Emotibot’s homepage: 6.3.1 Suspend, terminate the juvenile’s use of Emotibot’s websites, Service and Products without guardian’s authentic consent; 6.3.2 Revise, delete the juvenile’s account information; 6.3.3 Other requirements as deemed proper by Emotibot according to laws, regulations and industry standard.

7【 Revision and Effect of Privacy Policy 】

7.1 To ensure the legitimacy and consistency with industry standard of the Privacy Policy, Emotibot may revise and update the Privacy Policy from time to time. User may read the latest version of the Privacy Policy in Emotibot’s official websites. In case User don’t accept the revised Privacy Policy, User shall stop using Emotibot’s website, Service and Products immediately, or User’s continuing use of Emotibot’s website or Service and Products will be deem as User’s acceptance of revised Privacy Policy. 7.2 According to the international laws and regulations, policies, requirements, industry rules and standard released and/or revised from time to time, Emotibot will, in Emotibot’s own discretion, whether to release public notification in the apparent position in Emotibot’s Websites, or sent notification individually to User or acquire User’s consent separately for the revised and updated Privacy Policy. 7.3 The Privacy Policy shall be an important party of Emotibot’s websites, terms of Service and Products or any other agreements.

8【 International Transfer of Information 】

8.1 User’s Information collected by Emotibot may be transferred overseas that outside User’s nation or area or outside Emotibot’s location, which may also be collect, use and process by Emotibot’s subsidiaries or affiliates (Emotibot’s Affiliates) who shall take the privacy protection which shall be no less than what be taken by Emotibot. 8.2 In case User or User’s terminal clients be outside the jurisdiction of the P.R.C, or the Information in the P.R.C be transferred by Emotibot to Emotibot’s overseas Affiliates, User shall consent or obtain consent from User’s terminal clients for the aforesaid international transfer. 8.3 This Emotibot Privacy Policy, is written and executed in both Chinese and English, and the Chines one(s) shall prevail over any discrepancy between the English and Chinese provisions.