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As the only AI company with language, image and voice triple human-computer interaction technology and "multimodal emotion recognition technology", Emotibot aims to build an AI companion that can read, see, listen, remember, self-learn, and actually understand your emotion, as well as understanding the affective states, emotions and intent of the speaker like real human beings do. Understanding human affective states and emotions is a complex science, and also a huge technical challenge. Human emotions are so complex: the emotional and literal meaning of the speaker, the emotions perceived by the hearer, and then with what kind of emotion to reply. Emotibot is trying to reveal the secrets of this complex interaction through AI. Only this way, AI can communicate with people in the most natural way. Emotibot is also trying to make emotional AI more "useful". Through automatic learning of user preferences and habits, Emotibot’s AI bots have been able to provide users with over 30 functions and services including travel planning, hotel reservations, etc.They also support fast access to mobile phones, App, websites, IoT, intelligent devices and other terminals, in order to more closely connect people with the world.

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Personal Bot

Emotibot’s Personal Bot "XiaoYing" is an AI companion that can read, see, listen, remember, self-learn, and actually understand you. Like a real human, she can understand the feelings, emotions and intent of the speaker, automatically learn the user's preferences and habits, and provide over 30 features and services such as travel planning and hotel reservations. With a flexible architecture, she can be quickly embedded into mobile phones, APPs, websites, IoT, intelligent devices and other terminals.

Application Scenarios

personal assistants at the mobile OS level
household or service bots
App and websites
IoT devices: speakers, watches, and home appliances etc.


  • 小影机器人公众号Chatbot on Wechat
  • 小影机器人小程序Personal Assistant
    on Wechat Mini Program
  • 小影机器人小程序Ask Ying
Fin Bot

Emotibot’s intelligent financial solutions for banking, securities, insurance, etc, can not only significantly reduce customer service labor cost, but also accurately identify the potential needs of high-valued customers, through the automatic learning of user preferences and habits, and provide better financial advice and services as well by financial knowledge graph and AI FinTec. From the front-end user interface to the back-end intelligent financial management and risk control, it can provide users with a better financial services experience while increasing the user engagement and commercial conversion.

Application Scenarios

Business users: banks, insurance, securities, funds ... and other financial-related businesses
Individual users: investment allocation strategy, personal asset management


  • 小影会计Emoti-Count
    (Android App)
Service Bot

Traditional customer service bots often use template-based Q & A, which cannot address users' questions and therefore makes users unhappy. Emotibot Service Bot can accurately identify the literal meaning as well as underlying intent of the user inquires through NLU, Knowledge, and Task Engine. In addition, with Multimodal Emotion Recognition, human staff can timely engage in conversation with unsatisfied customers, so companies can reduce investment in customer service and call center.

Application Scenarios

E-commerce industry customer service bot
Operation customer service bot
Small or individual customer service bot

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