Let AI know your emotions, know you better, and know your customers better

The Emotibot Multimodal Emotion Recognition module can accurately detect expression, voice and language emotion of people, and identify 22 kinds of human emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, fear, etc. With this, we developed anthropomorphic emotional interaction model and dialogue strategy, so Emotibot business bot has become a warm AI shopping guide and service staff.

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Emotibot’s call center quality inspection system can use AI technology in complex calls, quickly identify the conversation topic and voice emotions, and generate quality of service warning, so as to increase the coverage of human inspection and save the cost of human resource, and holistically improve service quality.

Application Scenarios

Enterprise call center, customer service center
Intelligent dialogue system: mobile phones, bots, IoT and other fields

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Emotibot’s advertising effectiveness analysis system can detect the subjects’ emotional response to a video / an advertisement, degree of focus, hot channels being watched and other indicators through its computer vision and emotion recognition technology, comprehensively assess the degree of acceptance by viewers on “key plot”, “key merchandise”, “key people”, so as to help advertisers and advertising producers better assess the effectiveness of their advertisement.

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Fatigue Detection

"Emotibot fatigue detection system” can track the user’s fatigue and awareness state in real time by combining its fatigue identification algorithm and face recognition technology with mobile phones, vehicle systems, service bots and other intelligent terminals. When the user dozes off, or loses consciousness due to illness, the system can automatically send a warning signal to help the user restore attention or get help in a timely manner, in order to ensure the safety of drivers and mechanical operators.

Application Scenarios

vehicle system、vehicle system APP


  • 小影情绪侦测Emoti-fatigue

"Emotibot Intelligent Impression Analysis System" can identify and analyze people’s facial expressions, affective and emotional states, voice intonation, body movements and other characteristics during an interview, a performance or other activities, in order to comprehensively assess human smile index, focus index, relaxation index and good impression index etc. practical key indicators of significant value and provide enterprises, schools with new measurement in recruiting and interviews.

The system, XiaoYing Impression App, can now be downloaded and tested from Android App store.

Application Scenarios

Enterprise customers: Human Resource department, movie production industry, art industry
Individual users: interviewers, performance related workers


  • Emoti-ImpressionEmoti-Impression
    (Android App)
  • Emoti-RealtimeEmoti-Realtime
    (Android App)

Emotibot’s Emoti-Edu class emotion analysis system is a product designed for the education environment. This AI assistance system can enable teachers to keep track of every student’s academic progress, and help detect more than 15 faces simultaneously, as well as students’ attention and emotions.

Emoti-Edu can analyze long-hour video recording, retrieve the key clips of special interest to parents and teachers, document valuable classroom engagement, and empower students, parents, and teachers to cooperate more efficiently to fulfill their academic endeavor.

Application Scenarios

official classroom education
early childhood education, after school study, online education