Create emotional artificial intelligence that can read, see, listen, remember, and actually understand you

With the continuous development of Big Data and Deep Learning technologies, Artificial Intelligence is no longer just the embellishment of the computer science crown. In people's daily lives and work environment, AI has begun to play an increasingly important role. People have also expanded their imagination and increased their expectation for Artificial Intelligence.

In 2015, Mr. Kenny Chien, together with two angel investors, co-founded Emotibot Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is committed to bringing out Artificial Intelligence into the real world that is rich in emotion, can read, see, listen, and remember, as depicted in the movie Her.

We also see that industries such as finance, e-commerce, call centers and other areas are facing the challenge of increasing labor cost and increasingly complex workflows. And AI bots are receiving more and more approval from managers due to its efficiency and accuracy. In IoT, smart hardware and other fields, the multimodal emotion recognition technology and brain-simulated conversational bots developed by Emotibot have also been put into practical use by more and more partners.

We hope that under the unremitting efforts of Emotibot, we can fully release the potential of AI technology to help people achieve better life and solve business problems of high value. At the same time, we want to enable each institution and individual to have equal opportunities and embrace the new AI era.


A 24-hour Artificial intelligence companion dedicated to you

As the only artificial intelligence company with language, image and voice triple human-computer interaction technology and "multimodal emotion recognition technology", Emotibot aims to build an Artificial Intelligence companion that can read, see, listen, remember, self-learn, and actually understand your emotion, as well as understanding the affective states, emotions and intentions of the speaker like real human beings do.

Understanding human affective states and emotions is a complex science, and also a huge technical challenge. Human emotions are so complex: the emotional and literal meaning of the speaker, the emotions perceived by the hearer, and then with what kind of emotion to reply. Emotibot is trying to reveal the secrets of this complex interaction through Artificial Intelligence. Only this way, AI can communicate with people in the most natural way.

Emotibot is also trying to make emotional artificial intelligence more "useful". Through automatic learning of user preferences and habits, Emotibot’s AI bots have been able to provide users over 30 functions and services including travel planning, hotel reservations. They also support fast access to mobile phones, App, websites, IoT, intelligent devices and other terminals, in order to more closely connect people with the world.

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Let AI know your emotions, know you better, and know your customers better

The Emotibot Multimodal Emotion Recognition module can accurately detect expression, voice and language emotion of people, and identify 22 kinds of human emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, surprise, fear, etc. With this, we developed anthropomorphic emotional interaction model and dialogue strategy, so Emotibot business bot has become a warm AI shopping guide and service staff.

Shopping malls and other retail enterprises can also use this technology, through video data, to collect customer satisfaction and interest as well as other information, in order to enhance customer satisfaction and find a breakthrough to improve the quality of staff members’ service quality.

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Exploring the artificial intelligence based financial services innovation

As one of the industries that most embraced cutting-edge technology, the financial industry is accelerating its integration with AI technology to explore innovative service models. Emotibot’s intelligent financial solutions for banking, securities, insurance, etc, can not only significantly reduce customer service labor cost, but also accurately identify the potential needs of high-valued customers, through the automatic learning of user preferences and habits, and provide better financial advice and services as well by financial knowledge graph and AI FinTec. From the front-end user interface to the back-end intelligent financial management and risk control, it can provide users with a better financial services experience while increasing the user engagement and commercial conversion.

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Creating the most intelligent and friendly AI e-commerce “Shopping Guide"

In the face of tens of thousands of merchandise on e-commerce platforms, Emotibot’s e-commerce solution provides a user-centric, fully integrated, unified user experience throughout pre-sale, sale, and after-sale by our business bots.

In the shopping process, shopping guide bot can, based on learning of the user preferences and habits, set up user portraits, recommend personalized products via natural dialogue, and reply inquiries such as the product specifications, features, features etc. At the same time, it can collaborate closely with human marketing staff members to improve users’ shopping experiences and increase sales efficiency by combining active and passive customer services.

In the after-sales stage of customer service, Emotibot’s customer service bot can also answer various questions from users 24-hour, and analyze the user's current emotional state based on the "multimodal emotion recognition”, in order to proved more humane reply together with the human customer service staff members and avoid the deterioration from user complaints. At the same time, it can reduce the customer service and call center operational cost for e-commerce enterprises.

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Use Emotional Intelligence to Build Next Generation Intelligent Call Center.

For enterprises, the huge customer service and call center has become one of the most important bottlenecks of enhancing user experience and reducing operating cost. Traditional customer service bots often use template-based Q & A, which cannot address users' questions and therefore makes users unhappy.

To this end, Emotibot allows AI customer service bots to accurately identify the content and underlying intent of customer inquiries and to give the appropriate response through its NLU, Knowledge, Task Engine and other technologies, thereby fundamentally reducing the strenuousness of artificial customer service, improving service efficiency and reducing cost.

In addition, Emotibot’s call center quality inspection system can use AI technology in complex calls, quickly identify the conversation topic and voice emotions, and generate quality of service warning, so as to increase the coverage of human inspection and save the cost of human resource, and holistically improve service quality.

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Creating artificial intelligence brain for smart devices

Physical bots, smart home, IoT and other intelligent devices are getting more and more into our lives. But the low flexibility to customization, insufficient smartness, and poor human-computer conversational capabilities have become an important bottleneck restricting the development of intelligent devices. Therefore, Emotibot has introduced a solution for smart devices, which will embed an AI brain with emotion into the smart hardware.

Emotibot’s solutions for smart devices can not only support a full range of human-computer interactions with language, images and voice, based on a huge knowledge graph in the cloud, but also conduct open informational dialogue. At the same time, it can support custom development according to the device feature, the usage scenarios, target user. Subsequently, Emotibot’s Artificial Intelligence will become the brain to all intelligent devices, even a warm and intelligent housekeeper.

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