Bot Factory²² Dialogue AI Platform

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VCA AI Customer Service

Help enterprises to realize the intelligent man-machine cooperation system that supports the online service, improve the efficiency of customer service, and reduce the labor cost and time cost for new employees to learn business knowledge

Emoti VEA

Emoti VEA is a virtual enterprise assistant (VEA) specially created by Emotibot for enterprise users, which helps employees reduce trivial burden in enterprise work and provides each employee with an intelligent personal assistant

Emotibot Jingling

Emotibot Jingling is a chatbot built on Bot Factory that can grow with you. It can give you warm and interesting responses in open domain chat scenarios, and can be quickly connected to various channels, suitable for different scenarios such as IOT devices and chatbots.

Multi-modal Emotional Digital Human

The man-machine interaction technology of text, images and voice and the 'multi-modal emotion recognition model' independently developed by Emotibot help the virtual image become an 'emotional virtual image digital human' that understands text, images and voice, has memory, learns by itself and truly understands human languages and expressions.

Multi-modal Man-Machine Interaction

Based on Emotibot's man-machine interaction platform, the machine can understand images, voice and text to realize multi-modal man-machine interaction through emotion recognition from images, voice and text


The platform provides intelligent speech services based on speech recognition, speech synthesis, intelligent interrupt and speech emotion detection. It aims to convert the customers' speech data into text, and then the intelligent bot chat platform will reply to the speech and collect information, endowing the product the ability to really listen, speak and understand you.

AICC+²² Solution Platform

This "people-oriented" platform redefines AICC and facilitates the intelligent transformation of customer center to achieve low operation and low cost. Dialog interaction, knowledge intelligence and unified data in all scenarios bring customers and customer service staff novel experience!

Emoti Mate, Real-Time Customer Service Staff Assistant

Integrating intelligent assistance, real-time quality inspection and intelligent training, Emoti Mate realizes the deep collaboration between machine intelligence and human intelligence through in-depth analysis of omni-channel data. It provides auxiliary tools from executive level, sales/service management level and operation management level, including real-time speech transcription, process navigation, customer profile extraction, script recommendation, real-time quality inspection, etc. to help enterprises and employees achieve efficient and accurate customer service and high-conversion sales

Emoti QI For Real-Time Quality Inspection

Emoti QI can perform real-time quality inspection by converting all call recordings into text with the speech recognition technology and inspecting all the recordings according to the QI rules. It can also identify customers' deeper needs to provide them with personalized services. It provides deep mining and analysis of recording based on Emotibot's powerful AI capabilities, and provides data analysis capabilities such as customer service staff's ability, sales analysis, complaint prediction, and call script mining.

Emoti Voice Bot

Emotibot's new-generation voice bot, integrated with our independently developed natural language processing (NLP) algorithm and the real-life voice technology and based on our deep specialization and accumulation in different business segments of multiple industries, providing a better understanding of business and customers, thus more intelligent.

Emoti Coach For Intelligent Training

Integrated with quality inspection and training, Emoti Coach can quickly find service quality problems through quality inspection, and carry out intelligent training according to the inspection results to ensure knowledge learning, so as to continuously improve service quality, realize employees' rapid availability and promote their continuous progress.

Intelligent Marketing

Based on the data inside and outside the system, precise user profiles are created according to user data and dialog data to fully outline the characteristics of customers and customer groups.

Gemini²² Knowledge Engineering Platform

Gemini²² Emotibot Knowledge Engineering can use massive data to realize cognitive search, intelligent question answering, document processing and other knowledge applications

Gemini KG Knowledge Graph

Gemini KG is the knowledge graph module of Gemini platform. It can construct knowledge graph and schema for structured or unstructured data, and carry out schema management and end-to-end knowledge graph application, including but not limited to intelligent search, text analysis, machine reading comprehension, anomaly monitoring, risk control, etc.

Gemini Anomaly Monitoring

Help enterprises quickly understand the real needs of target users, monitor abnormal public opinions, and adjust product/marketing development strategies in "small steps" based on public opinion conclusions and Gemini predictions, so as to realize agile iteration of products/marketing strategies, and integrate into the expected range of target customers with less investment.

Gemini Text Analysis

Gemini text analysis is a document processing application on Gemini platform. It can realize automatic analysis, intelligent positioning and knowledge extraction of documents through strong natural language understanding and knowledge mining ability and relying on long-term industry accumulation. It can also be used for intelligent question answering, knowledge graph, text review, text comparison, text duplicate checking and other knowledge applications, realizing the transformation of messy document information into maintainable knowledge, and empowering the efficient development of enterprise business.

Gemini KM Intelligent Knowledge Base

Intelligent management of massive unstructured documents and data of enterprises, so that all knowledge can be queried and applied in the simplest natural language. NLP and KG developed by Emotibot provide intelligent search and automatic document parsing functions to complete the enterprise business that can't be completed manually

Knowledge Correlation

Automatic identification of important information and direct correlation of knowledge and documents for related knowledge can ensure the traceability of knowledge and eliminate knowledge islands, and also provide knowledge insight through knowledge content analysis and knowledge relation analysis. After knowledge correlation, upstream and downstream knowledge are linked, and change reminders can be made.

Knowledge Management

The platform can manage various knowledge types (documents, articles, processes, graphs, etc.), gather multiple sources, manage applications uniformly, and grade permissions, so as to save management costs.

Intelligent Knowledge Acquisition And Editing

With the help of AI technology, unstructured knowledge in documents is extracted and transformed into structured knowledge, which greatly reduces the cost of knowledge acquisition and editing. At the same time, it provides a simple but powerful online document editor for editing process. In addition to basic text operation, it also has rich functions such as inserting mind map, online video, table and formula into the document.

Intelligent Review

Intelligently extract important information through review by machine, and detect and correct spelling errors, grammar errors, etc., instead of relying on manual sentence-by-sentence review, reducing manual review time, improving efficiency and reducing knowledge risk.

Intelligent Application

Through the transformation, extraction and processing of unstructured knowledge, the knowledge is released to downstream scenarios such as intelligent dialogue system, customer service assistant bot, front-line knowledge portal, search portal, etc., so as to maximize the knowledge effect

Gemini Studio

It takes only a few minutes to create a text workflow with low operational requirements and zero code. Gemini Studio is the latest text workflow management platform developed by Emotibot. It can design tedious and difficult text processing work in an intuitive way, store, manage and apply massive documents, and automatically provide a variety of knowledge application information such as knowledge graph construction, cognitive search, intelligent question answering, knowledge graph, text review, comparison and duplicate checking

Scorpio²² Machine Learning Platform

The platform has integrated the whole-process development and application steps of machine learning, and provides "one-stop" machine learning services

NLP²² Natural Language Processing Platform

It is an open platform providing NLP capability and service management, and has integrated up to 27 natural language understanding technology modules such as intelligent word segmentation, part-of-speech tagging, syntactic analysis, named entity recognition, text classification, event extraction, text similarity and document abstracting. In addition to providing cutting-edge NLP algorithms, the platform has transformed NLP capability construction processes into tools, such as algorithm management, model training, model management, service release and visual display, which can support enterprises’ efficient and low-code development of rich NLP applications.

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