AI + Finance

Build a truly AI integrated technical capability platform to promote the further development of financial technology

AI + Bank

Revolutionize the fragmented product service, and realize ALL-In-One lifecycle solutions

AI + Insurance

Complete the closed loop of insurance service ecosystem, and create a business model in the new era

AI + Financial Management

Mature customer management and precise marketing system to achieve accurate business conversion and reduce marketing costs

AI + Securities

Create an integrated closed-loop management model, support and assist diversified application scenarios with AI technology to reshape industry competitiveness

AI + Government

Help government realize the intelligence of omni-channel services, one network management, service hotline, government supervision, internal collaboration, and join hands to enter the era of "smart government"

AI + Medical

Empower the medical industry to realize intelligent transformation and support the links of science, teaching, research and medicine in an all-round way


Free every employee in the enterprise from repetitive work to focus on the work that require higher core professional skills


Provide intelligent terminal with more warmth, and start a new mode of convenient experience

AI + Manufacturing

Empower manufacturing knowledge management, pre-sales consultation, after-sales service and other business scenarios to greatly improve enterprise management efficiency

AI + Education

Empower the class in real time, and create a new model of intelligent teaching

Avaya Total Solution

Emotibot and Avaya create a joint solution based on industry-leading technologies and advantages, which can seamlessly integrate Emotibot's AI solutions into the original Avaya system platform. It provides a full line of products for customer business, system platform and customer service staff application, such as intelligent outbound call, IVR, intelligent quality inspection, customer service staff assistance and intelligent training, and provides intelligent application services for the new-generation contact center

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